Frequently Asked Questions

What Type Of Leases Do You Offer?

We offer 12-month leases exclusively. Upon completion of a 12-month lease, you have the option to renew or switch to a month-to-month agreement.

If I Don't Meet Credit Or Income Requirements, Can I Use A Co-signer or Guarantor?

If you do not meet the credit or income requirements, you may use a co-signer or guarantor to qualify for the lease. Alternatively, if no co-signer or guarantor is available, you may be required to pay an additional deposit. 

Is Renters Insurance Required?

Yes, personal renters insurance is mandatory. However, if you do not have personal renters insurance, you will automatically be in our damage waiver program. 

What Utilities Are Residents Responsible For?

Residents are responsible for setting up and paying for their Wi-Fi and their electricity. 

What electric company is used in the area?

The electric company serving our area is Pacific Power. Residents need to have their electricity set up prior to moving in.

Who Is The Preferred Interet Company In The Area?

We recommend Xfinity for your Wi-Fi needs.

Are Your Apartments Furnished?

No, but there is a furnishing company that offers apartment furniture rentals. We partner with

Do You Allow Pets?

Yes, we are pet-friendly and do not impose any breed restrictions or weight restrictions. 

What If I have An ESA Pet?

If you have an Emotional Support Animal (ESA), please inform us prior to lease signing. This allows us to prepare and send you the necessary lease agreements.

What Is Parking Like?

Each apartment comes with one assigned parking space. If you require additional parking, we offer garages for rent, unmarked first-come, first-served parking, or street parking. 

Is There Public Transportation Nearby?

Yes, there is a bus stop conveniently located right outside of our community. 

What Is There To Do In The Area?

There are plenty of activities and attractions in the area, including scenic trails, a local park, Bald Hill, Shopping opportunities, and access to our community's amenities.